Thursday, December 31, 2009

Working Title

As I mentioned before, I was really unhappy with the direction my book was going. I had by the advice of someone else, abandoned my full length novel for what was suppose to have been a collection of short stories.
That person has been out of the picture for nearly two months now.

I am currently back working on my full length novel, with a May 1st due date. Also currently looking for an editor. The financial backing is still in place and we're going with self publishing.

The first draft of the novel is nearly finished.

Spin Cycle and Other Nightmares is on hold until after the full length novel is done. BUT it is still on the list to be released.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A new direction

Things never go smooth do they?

Okay, so I have been talking to my aunt and rearranging the way things are going to go.
I'll keep you up dated but for now, just saying that the short werewolf story did get published in the OPPM last week.

So, that's done and dealt with for now.

Creeping Screams!